Food Safety Tips

Food Safety Tips

Audience fans’ hands

Food safety is extremely important for touring music professionals. Food poisoning will not only cause you to feel miserable, but also can leave you unable to perform, lead to show cancellations, and even send you on a trip to the hospital.

Since you usually rely on others to prepare your food while touring, pay attention to your food as well as the preparation and serving conditions. Also, making wise food choices can minimize your exposure to high-risk foods.

Food Safety Tips to Help Prevent Illness:

  • Wash Your Hands!

    Since you are in contact with lots of people, you are exposed to lots of germs. Washing your hands is a simple and effective way to get rid of many of those germs that will make you sick.

  • If food is questionable, don’t eat it.

    Foods containing pathogens that will make you sick can appear, smell, and taste normal. When in doubt, throw it out!

  • Make sure cold foods are kept cold (such as creamy salads) and hot foods are kept hot.

  • Do not eat perishable foods left at room temperature for over 2 hours.

  • Be sure meat and poultry are thoroughly cooked.

  • On the rider, request that packaged foods remain unopened.

    If you open the package yourself, you will be the only one handling the food and you can ensure the food is fresh.

  • Be sure fruits and veggies are thoroughly washed before eating them to help remove microorganisms and pesticides.

    Melons are great places for microorganisms that make you sick to multiply when they are not washed before they are cut.

  • Avoid all sprouts.

    Sprouts such as alfalfa and mung bean are frequently linked to food poisoning.