Flavor Tricks

Spoons displaying herbs and spices

Fast Flavor Tricks to Make Your Food Awesome

Bus food doesn’t have to be boring. Channel your creativity to your food. Experiment with a new ingredient or a new way to use a familiar ingredient. Here are a few ingredients that can help you gain some culinary cred when you create delicious meals and snacks in no time.

  • Tellicherry Black Peppercorns

    Keep these peppercorns in a small pepper mill to quickly add a rich, complex flavor to your food.

  • Mural of Flavor (from Penzeys Spices)

    Containing more than a dozen herbs and spices, this super versatile blend can bring to life the blandest frozen meals and soups.

  • Vietnamese Cinnamon (aka “Saigon Cinnamon”)

    If you love bold cinnamon flavor, this is your cinnamon. Considered to be one of the world’s best cinnamons, Vietnamese cinnamon is a cassia cinnamon with a sweet flavor and a spicy punch. (enjoy in moderation)

  • Soy Sauce (less sodium variety)

    Soy sauce is not just for your stir-fry. Use it to bring complexity to many different types of foods such as dips and spreads, soups, and frozen meals.

  • Worcestershire Sauce (made with anchovies) or Henderson’s Relish (vegetarian)

    These sauces add depth and a spicy kick to mac and cheese, salads, pasta salad, soups, etc.

  • Toasted Sesame Oil

    Just a few drops of this oil will give a toasted nutty flavor to foods like wraps, noodles, soups, veggies, and dipping sauces.

  • Salad Dressing

    A good salad dressing (such as Italian vinaigrette) is a convenient way to jazz up many foods beyond your salad such as sandwiches, wraps, and frozen meals.

  • Lemons and Limes

    A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice can be the secret ingredient to give life to your food when something seems to be missing.

  • Sriracha

    Hot Chili Sauce For. Like. Everything.