Be Wise

Piano-shaped peanut butter sandwich

Feel and Perform Your Best!

The world wants to hear your music.
You want to deliver an awesome show.

FOOD is the fuel that allows you to play your instruments, belt out those vocals, and bring a high-energy show to your audience.

Learning what to eat and how to balance meals and snacks will give you the sustained energy needed to play long sets at a high energy level and reproduce that level of energy night after night. As you are well aware, demanding touring schedules and eating on the run can make establishing and maintaining a healthy touring environment very challenging. However, an unhealthy lifestyle that includes poor food choices can leave you feeling years older and physically and mentally drained.

Continuing to follow an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, digestive problems, and sleep disorders. These chronic conditions can affect your physical health, performance, energy level, and creativity as well as cause permanent health impairments that may be life-threatening.

To feel and perform your best, focus on:

  • Making good lifestyle choices that fit your individual needs.

  • Addressing any existing chronic health conditions as soon as possible.

Be wise. Live well.